Interior Designer Career

An interior designer uses his imagination and creativity to design and improve interior spaces of homes and offices.  This career not only involves space beautification but it also touches design planning, estimating costs, working with engineers and architects, meeting with clients and supervising workers.   Since an interior designer works with different people, he has to have excellent people and communication skills.  It is a must that he is able to put his ideas into tangible things.  An interior designer knows how to cater to his clients’ needs without compromising standards.

How to become an Interior Designer

Together with the love for design and interiors, an aspiring interior designer must get a bachelor’s degree in interior design.   One must have training with computers since this job entails one to use computer software to create his designs.  One must have a background in architecture, engineering and ergonomics.  One must take an internship to have hands-on training.  Then one can secure a license and take the qualification exam.

Interior Design Courses, training, programs

Formal education and training will help a student to gain knowledge and skills needed for the job.  This will provide one an edge in getting the best employment.  A student getting a degree in interior design will have training in detailing, construction, design, materials and materials sourcing, business, and building codes.  Training programs are designed so that a student will have a chance to be licensed.   As one graduates and finds employment it is best that he be able to keep himself updated with the latest designs and trends.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

California College of the Arts

New York School of Interior Design

Rhode Island School of Design

Westwood College

International Academy of Design and Technology

Interior Design Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

An interior designer may earn from $32,324 to $49,748 per year.  One may find work in large corporations or may work as a freelance interior designer.  Either way one will be able to practice what he had learned and enjoy the perks of this career.  Growth as an interior designer would depend on one’s desire to learn more.

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