Career Description: An Internal audit career ensures the good financial health of businesses. The job description for internal auditors includes evaluating internal control systems, information systems, financial and management records to ensure that financial records are accurate. In most cases, auditors will evaluate the productivity of employees and resources used in order to ensure maximum effectiveness of the business while minimizing costs.

How to Become an Internal Auditor

To follow an internal audit career path, you will need to finish high school and then get bachelors undergraduate degree. Though it is not a necessity, most companies prefer that their internal auditors have a Masters degree preferably in Business Administration (MBA).

You will also need to get certification. The most popular certification is administered by the Institute of Internal Auditors which offer the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) certification. It is an exam administered in four parts. To get certification as an internal auditor, you will need at least two years working experience. Certification will open up more employment opportunities for you.

You should also master various computer software used by internal auditors.

You should note that an internal auditor position is not an entry level position, and more often than not it is a top management position in a company.

Career Path

You can work for the government or in the private sector as an internal auditor.

INTERNAL AUDIT CAREER Courses, Training, Classes

You have the choice of majoring in Business administration and minor in accounting or vice –versa. Some of the college degrees you have the option of pursuing for an Internal Audit Career include: Finance, Liberal Arts and Engineering degrees. However, the choice of an accounting or business degree is the best option. When you are doing an MBA, you have the option of specializing in auditing or finance. Certification online courses give you the option of having on the job training. Auditing training programs offer classes in Accounting, Economics, and Maths

To gain admission into University to pursue an Internal Audit Career, you will need a prerequisite of at least a GPA of 2.5. in business. You will also need to get a minimum of C in your pre-business core course.

TOP 5 Colleges/Universities

Louisiana State University-Louisiana

Florida Technical University- Online Degree program

San Jose State University- CaliforniaCapella University- Online degree program

Troy State University -in Alabama

INTERNAL AUDIT Job Opportunities, Salaries/Pay

The Job Outlook for internal auditors is on the rise since more and more companies are hiring internal auditors. For instance all companies which are publicly listed in the stock exchange have internal auditors. This rise in jobs will continue through to 2016 at the rate of 18% every year due to stricter demands and regulations in financial records by the government.

The pay for those in internal audit careers varies depending on the level of experience and education. Top level internal auditors usually earn six figure salaries. The average pay for internal auditors is $54,000, while those in top management positions earn at least $94,000. The least paid internal auditors earn $35,000.

Most internal auditors work in urban areas and central business districts as these is where most businesses are situated.

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