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The boom in new media is not a new phenomenon. What is interesting is how more and more are choosing to opt for the internet as the first medium of publicity. In other words, more and more products are being launched online first, before being launched in reality. All of this has increased the need for internet advertiser’s manifold.

How to become an internet advertiser:

In order to become an internet adviser decisions have to be taken from an early stage. In this day and age of specialized education, one has to start very early in order to create a resume that looks focused and appealing.

Internet advertising career courses, training, programs:

There are many kinds of training programs which an internet advertiser can opt for. These have various kinds of modules like media publishing, media communications, designing, and website development and so on. All of these are aimed at providing an internet advertiser with the maximum exposure that can be got and to ensure that he has some amount of knowledge in a variety of areas.

Internet advertising career schools/colleges, education:

In terms of formal education, an internet advertising professional must get the required degrees in mass communication, new media journalism and communication, website designing, graphic designing, animation, content development or any other related field. This can be followed up by a Master’s degree if the interested person wishes to boost his CV and keep the opportunities for promotion open as well.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

University of Florida

University of Kentucky

University of Georgia

The University of Alabama

Internet advertising job opportunities, salaries/pay:

The income of an internet advertiser hovers around the 40,000 USD mark, with some differences. Usually changes are dependent on the nature of the company he works with, the work experience he has gathered, the profile of the client he handles and so on.

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