Inventory Clerk Career

Career Description:

An inventory clerk works inside a warehousing company or logistics firm. The role of an inventory clerk is very important for the reason that an inventory clerk in responsible for keeping an account of all the inventory coming in and going out with the detailed stock keeping being done every day. So the candidate who wishes to apply for the post of an inventory clerk should have good mathematical skills and accounting skills.

How to become an Inventory Clerk:

In order to become an inventory clerk, candidates should take up Bachelor’s degree in accounting and then pursue a post graduation in operations or accounting. Employers would expect the candidate to be honest and responsible in their work so as to ensure that the stock keeping in the inventory department of the organization is done well.

Inventory Clerk career courses, training, programs:

There are innumerable number of coaching centers that train students on inventory management and accounting. Such courses should be opted for by the candidates so that they can get a good knowledge on the basics of stock keeping and inventory management.

Inventory Clerk career schools/colleges, education:

Various schools, colleges and universities in the United States train students on skills like in-depth knowledge in inventory accounting. Some of the top universities are given below.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

ITT Technical Institute

Westwood College

Liberty University

Baker College Online

South University Online

Inventory Clerk career job opportunities, salaries, recruitment:

Those students whose goal is to become an inventory clerk should focus on gaining the relevant educational background and work experience. Popular industries that are in the lookout for good inventory clerks are retail, inventory management solutions, retail consumer electronics, electronics manufacturing, shipping and transportation companies, etc. The salary of an inventory clerk ranges from $17,000 to $35,000 per year with the annual median salary being $26,000. This data is extracted from the Pay Scale website that has undertaken salary research in the US and published their results on the National Salary data. Employers would expect candidates to possess a minimum relevant full time experience of about 1-4 years.

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