Inventory Specialist Career

Career Description:

An inventory specialist works in the inventory department of a manufacturing or supply chain management company. The main role performed by an inventory specialist entails management band supervision of inventory along with maintaining the appropriate stock level and general administrative activities. Candidates who possess a work experience in the operations field would be preferable for the role of an inventory specialist.

How to become an Inventory Specialist:

To become an inventory specialist, candidates should preferably have an educational background in inventory management and control, materials management, or supply chain management. Those candidates who have got a real time work exposure by doing full time or part time work or internships would be given preference over the others.

Inventory Specialist career courses, training, programs:

There are many courses and training programs being conducted by various coaching centers that teach courses related to inventory control and management. Certifications in stock management would also help.

Inventory Specialist career schools/colleges, education:

There are a wide range of schools, colleges and universities in the United States that are best equipped to train students on inventory management and stock control. Some of the top universities are listed below.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Argosy University

Southern New Hampshire University

Baker College Online

Colorado Technical University

University of Phoenix

Inventory Specialist career job opportunities, salaries, recruitment:

Those students whose goal is to become an inventory specialist should focus on gaining the relevant educational background and work experience. Popular industries that are in the lookout for good inventory specialists are retail, manufacturing and distribution, shipping, transportation, warehousing companies, retail consumer electronics companies, medical device manufacturing firms, etc. The salary of an inventory specialist ranges from $19,000 to $48,000 per year with the annual median salary being $34,000. This data is extracted from the Pay Scale website that has undertaken salary research in the US and published their results on the National Salary data. Employers would expect candidates to possess a minimum relevant full time experience of about 1-4 years.

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