Investigative Reporter Career

An investigative reporter is a professional who works for a media company or a news channel and is responsible for collecting facts, analyzing them and then reporting them.  At this position, one may need to write stories for newspapers, magazines or other news channels and this job falls under the category of reporting or that of a correspondent. To become an investigative reporter, one needs to fulfil several duties and qualifications. The following is a detailed description of the career of an investigative reporter.

How to become an investigative reporter:

In order to become an investigative reporter, one may first need to have a natural interest for news pieces, general knowledge and writing.  Besides this, completing high school education and then going onto pursue a course in journalism or communications is also extremely requirement and mandatory.  One can take up internships to know more about writing and to get a firsthand experience into the field of work.

Investigative reporter career courses, training, programs:

There are many diploma, certificate and undergraduate courses that can be taken up to become an investigative reporter for a media channel.  One can also pursue courses in production or writing to gain practical experience.  Many courses in journalism and communications too are a great way to enter this field.

Investigative reporter career schools/colleges, education:

There is no dearth of good universities and colleges that offer courses in courses in news reporting or journalism. These colleges provide both basic theoretical knowledge as well as practical experience.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

University of Southern California

Boston University

Washington University

New York University

Investigative reporter job opportunities, salaries/pay:

With more and more communication channels and news channels coming up, there is wide scope for everyone who wants to be an investigative reporter. The average annual salary that can be earned at this position is $34850.

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