Investment Advisor Career

An investment advisor is a person who, in return of some money, advises others in the business, either directly or through articles or publications, as to inform the value of the securities or render advice of investing in, buying or selling of securities. Investment advisor may be registered with the Stock Exchange System or other regulatory agencies or remain unregistered.

How to become an Investment Advisor

Being an Investment Advisor can be a rising career, but it requires certain skills. Your interest in finance and investment as well as mathematics and technology are also involved. The admission requirements for an investment advisor vary for each school. Some schools need a bachelor degree others are enrolled in a bachelor’s program.

Investment Advisor courses, training and programs

They often earn a degree in finance, accounting, business law, economics or mathematics. Other courses beneficial for this career program are investment, risk management, taxes. Some colleges and universities provide investment planning and education program.

Look for an internship which helps you to get a good job ahead. Some large investment companies offer complete training program for investment advisors so that they gain work experience and prepare for licensing exams. Such programs are competitive, but worth working for. You need to learn the rules and regulations.

Investment Advisor career, school/ colleges education

The undergraduate sharpen the skills of an Investment Advisor gaining all the expertise required. Further the master’s help in sharpening the knowledge and helps in perfecting the jot of the future Investment Advisor.

Top 4 colleges/ universities

  • National Institute of Certified College planners.
  • Investment Consultant in Dharmaram College, Bangalore
  • Princeton University
  • Austin, TX

Investment advisor Job opportunities, salaries/pay

The Investment Advisors earn a median salary of $100k-200K. Personal investment advisor jobs are expected to grow in years to come. Plenty of people earn less and plenty of people earn more. Earning potential is very high for a seasoned investment advisor.

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