Investment Banker Career

Career Description

One of the most sought after positions of business administration graduates with specialization in finance is that of an investment banker. The main responsibility of an investment banker lies in analyzing the investment needs of the company and studying the investment methodology adopted. They then combine their knowledge and expertise and provide appropriate modifications in the investment strategies of their clients.

How to become an Investment Banker:

To become an investment banker, candidates should enroll preferably in courses related to accounts or finance in their Bachelor’s degree. They should then get admission into top universities that provide master of business administration course in finance specialization. Candidates with a higher level and with relevant experience of working in banking and financial services would be preferred over the others.

Investment Banker career courses, training, programs:

Several coaching centers and training programs are available that are designed in such a way so as to provide the best training in the field of banking and investments. Security analysis and portfolio management, risk management, wealth management, etc are some of the relevant subjects that should be focused by the students.

Investment Banker career schools/colleges, education:

Various colleges and universities in the United States provide very good education in investments and financial decision making. Students should avail of such opportunities and equip themselves with the skills to become successful investment bankers.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Baker College Online

Southern New Hampshire University

Colorado Technical University

Argosy University

American Inter Continental University

Investment Banker job opportunities, salaries, recruitment:

Candidates whose goal is to become an investment banker can find no dearth of opportunities if they possess the relevant education and experience. Sectors that are in the continuous lookout for good investment bankers are investment banking, financial services, banking firms, etc. According to the salary estimates by Pay Scale and released through National Salary data, the annual salary of an investment banker can range from $49,000 to $202,000 with the median salary being around $125,000 per year.

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    Could you please suggest the institutes in india which are providing investment banking training in india, hyderabad.

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