Investment Management Career

An investment manager’s job is to professionally manage various securities such as bonds, shares and assets for the specified investment goal of the investor. This job could cater to institutions like insurance companies, corporations or private investors. Investment managers judiciously use available capital and invest in equities and Government securities, to increase return on investment. They are trained to study the market and guide the investor to reap the best benefits from their investments.

How to become an investment manager:

A bachelor’s degree in finance, business or economics from any accredited college or university is a prerequisite to be an investment manager. Acquiring job in a financial organization or bank would provide the candidate, the hands on work experience and familiarity in long or short term investment, returns, investment patterns or dealing with risks.

Obtaining a certificate from American Academy of Financial Management will add value to this profession.

Investment management career courses, training, program:  

Training in this course depends on the type of securities one is going to manage. Procuring license is mandatory to begin a career in investment management. For dealing in stocks and bonds, passing series 63 and series7 financial certifications conducted by FINRA, is required. If dealing with commodities and futures one has to obtain license after passing series 3 exam.

Training from non-paid internships will enable receiving experience and permanent employment. A thorough training can lead to trading in sophisticated products like hedge funds or derivatives.

Investment management career schools/ colleges, education:

It is recommended to obtain a Chartered Financial Analyst certification offered by Association of Investment Management and Research. CFA is earned after a structured graduate curriculum and passing three sets of exams.

Top 5 colleges/ universities:

  • Boston University
  • The Wharton School
  • Johnson School Investment Management
  • Rutherford Investment Management.
  • Investment Management School NY City.

Investment Management Career job opportunities, salaries/ payment, recruitment.

The investment management career involves high level of responsibility as they need to manage cash flow of several investment accounts. With high responsibilities come large pay packets. An average investment manager may earn around $114,000 PA. The city of residence and the industry you are employed has good influence on your earnings.

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