Investment Strategist Career

An investment strategist is a professional who reviews financial statements of a company and then makes strategies regarding the financial and investment plans of the company. These individuals study the financial market and then suggest ways to gain maximum profit from investments. To become an investment strategist, a person must fulfil certain educational requirements and then fulfil many duties and responsibilities. Given below is a detailed investment strategist career description for your reference.

How to become an investment strategist:

To become an investment strategist, a person must complete high school education with inclination towards business studies, accountancy and mathematics.  One must be strong at financial planning and knowledge and for this completing a bachelor’s degree in a field related to finance is extremely important and necessary.

Besides the education, to reach the position of an investment strategist, one must first gain experience at other positions of finance.

Investment strategist career courses, training, programs:

Besides the successful completion of high school education, a person must complete bachelor’s degree or education in finance or business studies from an accredited college or university. A master’s degree in the same field or a related field such as MBA in finance is also a good step towards the job as an investment strategist.

Investment strategist career schools/colleges, education:

The undergraduate colleges can provide the technical know- how related to investment and finances whereas the post graduate course or training can help one gain practical knowledge and experience.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

University of California

University of Pennsylvania

New York University

Yale University

Investment strategist job opportunities, salaries/pay:

The average annual salary which a person working at the position of an investment strategist can expect to earn is $167002. Earnings in this field of work are very high as this is a senior position in companies which is achieved after many years of experience.

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