Irrigation Design Engineer Career

Career description:

The work of an irrigation design engineer career involves huge responsibilities. The concerned person has to study the agricultural tracts, the prospects of the crop plants and water resources, and has to technically frame and implement policies centered on superior irrigation facilities. An irrigation design engineer has to focus on the designing of the irrigation equipments, their maintenance and upgrading. The efficiency of the irrigation work depends largely on the ability of the irrigation designer to assess and apply his knowledge in this specific arena.

How to become an irrigation design engineer:

The necessary condition of becoming an able irrigation design engineer is to have ample knowledge and expertise in civil engineering, specializing in making and processing plans of dams, irrigation canals, machines and the likes.

The concerned person aims to earn a degree in irrigation management too, in order to strengthen his/her credentials in this field. In general, a bachelor’s in technology is a quintessential requirement.

Irrigation design engineer courses, training, programs:

There are many educational institutes that train the interested candidates in various programs to make them good irrigation design engineer. The modules are well-knit to provide the sufficient technical knowledge of the subject, focusing on practical assignments and small projects that tend to increase the skills of the candidates simultaneously with the theoretical understanding of the subject.

Irrigation design engineer career schools/colleges, education:

There are numerous technical colleges and institutes that train the concerned persons to become top class irrigation design engineers. The modules in these programs are designed in a manner to impart sound concepts and their applications to the students.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

Rochester Institute of Technology

Georgia Institute of Technology

University of West Virginia

Tennessee State University

Irrigation design engineer job opportunities, salaries/pay:

There are significant job prospects for a person who is an irrigation design engineer. The services are available both in the public and private sector. A starting salary of $45,000/annum is expected in case of a new recruit that increases at a rate of at least 10-12% on an annual basis.

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