Irrigation Manager Career

The career if an irrigation manager revolves around the supervision and maintenance of farm irrigation systems.  Aside from this, he is tasked to review contracts making sure that all services and requirements are delivered.  His other responsibilities include attending to customer queries, negotiate with customers, prepare costing and estimates, supervise and direct staff, schedule activities, delegate tasks, make recommendations, provide solutions to specific problems, evaluate and check on completed work, design and direct installation of sprinkler systems, and maintain records.  He is also involved in monitoring all staff activities.  He makes sure that all materials and equipment are well maintained.  He is to collaborate with landscape architects and managers to make sure that the implementation of plans are well coordinated.  Being a manager requires one to have excellent skills in communication, management, administration, and customer service.

How to become an Irrigation Manager

An aspiring irrigation manager must earn a bachelor’s degree in agriculture.  One may specialize in any field of agriculture.  Gain experience in irrigation management systems.  One must have the skills in customer service and problem solving as well.  Pursuing this type of career requires one to obtain certification.  An individual must also have business skills such as accounting and costing.  Moving up to a management position such as this means acquiring leadership and management skills.

Irrigation Manager Courses, training, programs

A degree in agriculture allows an aspiring irrigation manager to move up the career ladder.  The program provides one a background in various areas of agriculture such as agriculture and natural resources science, fruit production, animal science, animal nutrition, soil science, meat and meat processing, landscaping, horticulture, marketing, poultry science, entomology, plant pathology, farm management, crop production, sustainable agriculture, weed science, plant propagation, and greenhouse management.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Texas A&M University-College Station, Texas

University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, Illinois

Purdue University-West Lafayette, Indiana

Iowa State University, Iowa

Cornell University, New York

Irrigation Manager Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

The average salary of an irrigation manager is $46,000 per year depending on the work location, employer, experience and benefits.  One may be employed in various agricultural organizations or companies.

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