IT Account Manager Career

Career Description:

An IT account manager is that official who is responsible for the management of internal as well as external relations of the respective organization. The individual is in charge of singing new service contracts for the organization while also managing the existing clients/ contracts. This individual has to ensure that all the plans regarding the contract are completed/ met within the prescribed budget and the stated time line for the completion of the work. In other words these individuals have to take care of every aspect of the contract/ client management in the technology firm.

How to Become an IT Account Manager:

For an individual to become an IT account manager, the individual must first have completed his/ her high school education. The individual must also possess a bachelors’ degree in the fields like administration, commerce, computers etc.

The individuals who have a higher level degree (after completing the bachelors’ level) for example a masters’ degree are given preference, though it may not always be a rigid requirement for employment.

IT Account Manager Career Courses, Training and Programs:

An individual wishing to become an IT account manager can also go for a varied number of certificate or diploma courses right after high school. There are certificate courses in fields like business administration, commerce, e-commerce etc. which are beneficial in this field.

IT Account Manager Career Schools/Colleges, Education:

USA has a number of colleges/ business schools which provide educational courses/ degrees in the field of management. These institutions have all the required infrastructure and facilities.

Top 5 Colleges/Universities:

University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)

University of Virginia (Darden)

Harvard University, Boston

Stanford University, Stanford, CA

University of California- Berkeley, Berkeley

IT Account Manager Career Job Opportunities, Salaries/Pay:

The expected median salary that an IT account manager earns is about $125000 per annum. The prospects of those in the field of IT management are really good as the sector has been growing for past many years.

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