IT Business Analyst Career

Career Description:

IT business analysts are those professionals working in an IT company who are responsible for improving its efficiency, structure and help it in gaining more profits. An IT business analyst is required to study and analyze the business related needs of his/her respective company and devise ways to meet these needs in the most profit efficient and resourceful manner.

How to Become an IT Business Analyst:

If you wish to work as an entry level business analyst, then you may be required to pursue just a bachelor’s degree in either business administration or a course related to Information Technology but if a person is interested in a higher level of IT business analyst position, then an MBA degree or some other PG degree may also be asked for by the employer.

IT Business Analyst Career Courses, Training and Programs:

Apart from the degree courses mentioned above, there is a certificate program called certified management consultant, which too can be done to further improve the analysis skills etc. If you just possess a bachelor’s degree, then courses in subjects related to Mathematics, Economics, Business administration, IT etc will also prove to be helpful.

IT Business Analyst Career Schools/Colleges, Education:

Many colleges and universities offer courses in business administration, accounting, economics, statistics and computer science etc which can be done to become an IT business analyst.  Certificate courses can be done from registered institutes etc.

Top 4 Colleges/Universities:

Deloitte University

New York University

University of Minnesota

Northwestern University

IT Business Analyst Job Opportunities, Salaries/Pay:

The average salary earned by an IT Business analyst is somewhere around $74890 and there are ample job opportunities for people interested in this field. With the growth and demand for Information Technology, many IT companies seem interested in hiring Business analysts for improving the business structure and overall efficiency.

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