IT Business Development Career

Career Description:

The position of IT business development is a broad heading which consists of several types of work duties and responsibilities. But on a more general basis, an IT business development specialist is a person who is responsible for marketing, business improvement, strategic analysis and resource utilization in an IT company. Any person working at this position may have to be strong at marketing and sales and should also have an analytic mind.

How to Become an IT Business Development:

Anyone who is interested in becoming an IT business development officer or specialist must get a BA or BS in any subject, preferably IT or Business administration and then go for an MBA. Often, previous working experience in IT or sales is also asked by several companies. Similar working position in a high-tech company may ask for an additional 2 year working experience in investment banking or consulting.

IT Business Development Career Courses, Training and Programs:

Apart from the above mentioned qualifications and degrees, it is always preferable to do short term courses in the field of IT business analysis or business development to get a knack for handling strategy building, improving sales etc.

IT Business Development Career Schools/Colleges, Education:

There are many colleges in USA which offer IT related courses at graduation level. Many B-schools offer MBA which too can be taken up for a higher level position as a business development officer in an IT company. Short term or diploma courses can be pursued from recognized institutes and educational centers.

Top 4 Colleges/Universities:

Columbia Business School

Auburn University college of Business

Booth school of business

Howard University of business

IT Business Development Job Opportunities, Salaries/Pay:

Any person working as an IT business development officer is likely to earn an average salary of $72000. There are many job opportunities in this field, considering the growth of IT in the world today.

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