IT Director Career

With the ever changing world of information technology, an organization has need for someone who can manage its computer resources.  The IT director is the perfect person for the job.  The career of an IT director involves supervision of information technology programs and data.  He makes sure that these are readily available to an organization’s employees and safe from unauthorized users.  The stability and security of an organization’s business information depends on the management of an IT director. The IT director must have the skills to lead and communicate. He must be able to identify a problem, analyze it and provide solutions.

How to become an IT Director

An aspiring IT director must earn a bachelor’s degree which focuses on information technology, computer science, computer engineering and programming, and information systems management.  Pursuing graduate studies and earning a master’s degree gives one a better chance to advance into the position of an IT director.  One may obtain an internship or apply in an entry-level position in a organization.  This will help one gain practical experience. To have an edge in one’s IT director application, one must obtain certification.

IT Director Courses, training, programs

Information technology courses and other related fields cover programming, computer and real-time systems, software engineering and artificial intelligence. Higher studies, on the other hand, deals with database management, finance, marketing and accounting. The student learns about technology and how it is best applied to cater to the needs of an organization.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Carnegie Mellon University-Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

University of Texas at Austin, Texas

University of Minnesota-Carlson, Minnesota

University of Maryland, Maryland

IT Director Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

An IT director earns from $72,839 to $133,743 per year. The salary of an IT director depends on one’s educational background, skills, experience and the organization he works at.  To be considered for this career position, one has to prove himself and continue to learn about the latest technologies and trends.  Finding work in various private and public organizations will help one gain the necessary tools for a promotion.

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