IT Security Manager Career

Both private and government organizations have confidential information.  Bank accounts, business information, employee and client profiles are few of the confidential information that are to be protected.  All these are stored in computer databases and may be at risk of being subjected to theft.  The protection of these data bases and information lies in the hands of an IT Security Manager.  It is his responsibility to develop, update and implement security information standards and policies.  He makes sure that everyone complies with these guidelines.  With a very sensitive position such as an IT Security Manager one has to have leadership skills, sound character and integrity.

How to become an IT Security Manager

To start off one’s career in IT security management, he must earn a bachelor’s degree in computer science or any other related field.  One must take courses that are related to security and management of database or system.  It is a must that one takes further studies and earns a masters degree.  An individual must also get certified.   Obtaining certifications can give one give one better employment opportunities.  Work experience is a requirement for certification in information security management.  It is a must that an IT security manager is also trained in communication and armed with other skills training.

IT Security Manager Courses, training, programs

An aspiring IT security manager is trained with various areas.  Few of the courses taken revolve around computer systems, applications, web technologies, and network or information security.  There are training programs available where a student can have practical experience.  One must also take communication courses to develop one’s interpersonal, writing and speaking skills.  Continuing education courses are available so that an individual can be updated with the latest trends and technologies.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

University of Southern California-Los Angeles

Iowa State University

University of Maryland-University College

University of Houston

George Mason University

IT Security Manager Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

An IT Security Manager can find work in private companies or government agencies.   Having a master’s degree will definitely give one a higher paying job.  A certified IT Security Manager can earn from $71,426 to $150,674 annually.

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