IT Security Specialist Career

Career Description

IT security specialists are those professionals that assist major businesses in administrating their computer’s security. The key task of these professionals is to generate such tactics that will be helpful in securing the confidential software of a firm. They guide the companies about various measures that can be taken for maintaining the security of their computers and networks. They also develop various types of programs and install them to shield the systems and prevent threats.

How to Become an IT Security Specialist

A person interested in going forward in the field of IT security specialist requires being strong in subjects like mathematics and should posses a strong IT background. He should be accurate in his concepts related to software development, programming, and testing.

IT Security Specialist Career Courses, Training, and Programs

The task of a security specialist is related to programming and hence the minimum requirement of becoming a security specialist veteran is a bachelor’s degree in computer science. One can reach higher levels in the same by completing various certified professional computer languages and programming courses.

IT Security Specialist Career Schools/Colleges, Education

A bachelor’s degree in computer science and technology or management information system is required. One can further opt for a master’s degree in business and development with major subjects like computers, information technology and internet security. Other subjects in which the aspirant can do master’s degree include the operating systems, computer threats, security awareness and policies, administrating the network security, data assurance etc.

Top 5 Colleges/Universities

Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

Stanford University, Stanford, CA

University of California–?Berkeley, Berkeley, CA

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

IT Security Specialist Career Job Opportunities, Salaries/Pay

With the ever growing trend of bringing the information technology in application in almost every field and increasing number of security threats, the demand of IT security specialist is also rising up. The estimated average annual salary for this career is near about $89,000.

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