JavaScript Developer Career

Career Description:

JavaScript is a web programming language which is used by website developers which is supported by many web browsers. Any person who has expertise over this language can qualify to become a JavaScript developer in a company or can also work on freelance basis. There are many opportunities in this career as with advances in technology, there is a growing need of web programmers who have a strong hold over the JavaScript language.

How to Become a JavaScript Developer:

There are no formal education requirements to become a JavaScript developer but a bachelor’s degree in computer science or programming may be asked for by a few employers. One can also take up short term diploma courses or certificate programs in JavaScript programming so as to enter this field as a professional.

JavaScript Developer Career Courses, Training and Programs:

To polish JavaScript knowledge and expertise, many institutes offer diploma courses in JavaScript, HTML and other web based and web specific languages and tools. One can work at home for gaining experience or even get training from an organisation or company.

JavaScript Developer Career Schools/Colleges, Education:

Many institutes offer diploma and certificate courses in many web based languages including JavaScript. Infact there are many reputed colleges and Universities in USA which provide bachelor courses in Computer science and multimedia etc which too can be taken by interested candidates who wish to become JavaScript developers.

Top 4 Colleges/Universities:

University of Phoenix

DeVry University

Strayer University

Baker College Online

JavaScript Developer Job Opportunities, Salaries/Pay:

Due to the advances in technology, there are ample of job opportunities for JavaScript developers all over the world and more people have started working from home on freelance basis. The average median salary for a JavaScript developer is $43000 but this figure may vary depending upon the experience of the candidate or the knowledge in this field.

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