Job Developer Career

In a job developer career, success is governed by several factors including your knowledge of market condition and tactics. As a job developer, you will be responsible for initiating, developing, and maintaining personal contacts with several industry, HR, or business representatives. Some of the areas that you will play an important role in includes promoting various job related programs in placement agencies, promoting participant placement, making cold calls or holding meetings with all potential job employers, addressing special needs of employers as well as candidates, collecting employment related data from employers in different industries, and initiating and conducting job fairs to increase participant outreach as well as recruitment.

How to become a Job Developer:

In order to pursue a job developer career, you need to have minimum educational qualifications, specific training, and certain personal characteristics. On the educational front, a bachelor’s degree in any subject would ensure your entry into the industry. Apart from this, any training in handling job requirement or HR functions will be an added bonus. Some of the characteristics of a potential job developer include ability to manage events, excellent written and oral communication skills, in-depth knowledge of the job market, working knowledge of computers, and effective public relations and public speaking skills. Experience as a trainee job developer in any industry is sometimes required although not mandatory.

Job Developer career courses, training, programs:

The minimum or basic educational requirement to pursue job developer career is a bachelors degree in any discipline. You can choose the college according to the city or state that you want to work in as a job developer. You can also enroll for a master’s in human resources in order to directly apply for the post of a job developer in any agency or company.

Job Developer career schools/colleges, education:

There are several top colleges and universities in the USA that offer undergraduate programs in multiple disciplines.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

California Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

University of Pennsylvania

Washington University in St. Louis

Job Developer field job opportunities, salaries/pay:

According to the market analysis of top consultants, the salary of a job developer varies from $29,644 – $46,645 per annum. The median salary of a Job Developer in the US is $37,793 per annum.

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