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Career Description:

The judge plays a very important part in a legal process.  His primary responsibility is to see to it that the rights of each one in a legal process are not violated.  He is to preside over courts to oversee legal proceedings, hearings or trials.  The judge has the task of interpreting the law, evaluates or assesses the evidences and facts presented, ensure compliance with court rules and procedures, and takes full control of the proceedings. In the absence of a jury, the judge is the one to decide on the ruling or penalty to be imposed.  To qualify for this type of career, one has to undergo formal education, training and mentorship.

How to become a Judge

To become a judge, one must earn a bachelor’s degree in a field that will qualify one to practice law.  After earning a degree, one may then take the Law School Admission Test.  This test will help one gain an entry into accredited law schools.  Apply in several law schools to have a bigger chance of getting admitted to one.  Once in law school, the student can then choose to specialize in any area of law.  Get into an internship to gain practical experience.  After gaining a Juris Doctor degree, one has to take and pass the bar exam to be able to practice as a lawyer. Become a lawyer who has a good track record of legal practice and gain support from governing bodies to have a chance to be appointed.  Then complete the training programs for judges.  Take continuing education courses to be updated with the changes in law.

Judge Courses, training, programs

A law degree covers various courses including legal theories, legal principles, legal methods, legal writing and research, ethics, constitutional law, civil procedures and the various areas of law.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Yale University, Connecticut

Harvard University, Massachusetts

Stanford University, California

Columbia University, New York

University of Chicago, Chicago

Judge Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A judge has an opportunity to earn from $25,869 to 147,371 per year. Employment may be found in various government or public offices.

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