Junior Administrator Career

A junior administrator is a position that gives one an opportunity to rise up to the upper management level of an organization.  As a junior administrator one is tasked to assist senior administrators, manage important documents and files, prepare database, manage accounts/payables and handle secretarial duties.  He is also tasked to coordinate trainings and orientations, assist in recruitment, and hiring staff and makes sure that both directories and information systems are updated. The various duties and responsibilities required of this career require one to have different skills.  The junior administrator must have the skills to lead, multitask, and manage one’s time well.  One must be well organized and systematic.  Preparing oneself for a future senior position involves learning and gaining skills while in a junior administration position.

How to become a Junior Administrator

To become a junior administrator, one must have a degree in office administration or office management.  There are also various administration and office support training courses to equip one in the challenges of being a junior administrator.  One must have skills in communication, organization, and leadership.  It is a must that one is familiar with the various computer applications used in office administration.  The junior administrator must also have a background in accounting and bookkeeping.  He must also be ready to give assistance to managers and at the same time supervise other employees.

Junior Administrator Courses, training, programs

A degree in office administration or management gives the necessary knowledge and skills in information systems, word processing, keyboarding, business communication, business law and principles, spreadsheet preparation and database management.  Training programs for an aspiring junior administrator further develops one’s administrative, secretarial and management skills.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Babson College, Massachusetts

Murray State University, Kentucky

University of South Carolina-Columbia, South Carolina

Bryant & Stratton College (online learning)

Sanford-Brown (multiple locations across America)

Junior Administrator Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A junior administrator has the opportunity to work in various private or public organizations.  One has the opportunity to earn an average of $36,720 per year.  Gaining much experience and skills can qualify one to move up to a management level.

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