Kids Career Test

A Kids Career Test is the children’s version of a Career Guidance Test that is used to determine the interests and aptitudes of children, who are naturally curious and sometimes more clear on their interests and choices than the adults.

Why Take the Kids Career Test?

There certainly is no harm in allowing your children to take a Kids Career Test. It actually helps the children discover their talents, abilities and interests very early, so that they can make the right career choices in the future. This can also make their parents realize what the best academic and professional career path is for their children. This could help avoid a lot of wrong and forced decisions and could save a lot of wasted time and energy. At the same time, it helps children learn new things as well.

Who Formulates a Kids Career Test?

Kids Career Tests are designed by child and vocational psychologists keeping in mind that the test should be simplistic and easy for children to understand. However, they base the test on the principles of the vocational theories that are used to prepare career guidance tests for adults.


The following College Career Test sources could offer you the best results.

  • Paint Career with Colors
  • Picture Interest Career Survey
  • Based on John Holland’s RIASEC Model

Kids Career Test: Method

The Kids Career Test is pictorial in nature and depends on the visual learning techniques to determine the interests and preferences of the children. As per the choices made by the children, their personality type is assessed suggesting a broad area of interest for them.

Kids Career Test: Impact

The Kids Career Test helps children discover their interests and the professions that they would enjoy the most. This also offers parents a good idea of the abilities and limitations of their children and could help them guide their children in making academic and professional decisions. 

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