Kitchen Assistant Career

The primary purpose of a kitchen assistant career is to successfully accomplish the daily operation of a kitchen, which might be attached to a restaurant, hotel, hospital, or any other establishment. As a kitchen assistant, you will need to ensure efficient hygienic food service, promote menu orders and sales, and achieve high levels of customer satisfaction. Some of the job responsibilities of a kitchen assistant include assisting in preparation of meals, serving of meals on time, setting up of the kitchen, cleaning the kitchen and the dining area, cleaning of all kitchen equipments, and participation in quality assurance system.

How to become a Kitchen Assistant:

There are some basic requirements for those who want to pursue a kitchen assistant career. The two most important requirements are knowledge of food preparation and hygiene. You can learn either or both while working in a kitchen or by taking the necessary training. There are some bachelor, associate degree, and certification courses available for mastering the various aspects of culinary arts. You can complete such a course and apply for the post of a kitchen assistant. Alternatively, you can complete your undergraduate degree in any discipline and then join as a trainee kitchen assistant. Knowledge of working with various kitchen equipments is also necessary.

Kitchen Assistant career courses, training, programs:

You can fulfill the minimum or basic educational requirement for pursuing a kitchen assistant career by completing a bachelor’s or associate degree in culinary arts. An undergraduate program in culinary arts will impart knowledge on several important areas like food preparation techniques, understanding of various spices and ingredients, using various kitchen equipments, sanitation and hygiene practices, hospitality management, nutritional principles and values, principles of cooking, inventory management, table services and hospitality industry standards.

Kitchen Assistant career schools/colleges, education:

There are several top colleges and universities in the USA that offer undergraduate programs in culinary arts.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

Scottsdate Culinary Institute, AZ

California Culinary Academy

Pennsylvania Culinary Institute

Culinary Academy of Long Island, NY

Kitchen Assistant field job opportunities, salaries/pay:

According to the market analysis of top consultants, the salary of a kitchen assistant varies from $20,000 – $52,000 per annum. The median salary of a kitchen assistant in the US is $38,000 per annum and the hourly wage varies from $9 – $12 per hour.

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