KPO Career

Career Description:

KPO stands for Knowledge Process Outsourcing. So the role of KPO professionals is to work for specialized projects that involve knowledge outsourcing. This kind of knowledge outsourcing is basically knowledge intensive processes like research, investment processes, legal processes, etc. Candidates should have specialized knowledge and experience in these form of courses and take work either independently or with a firm.

How to become a KPO Professional:

To become a KPO professional, candidates must preferably have an educational background in engineering, sciences, etc. Candidates who have prior experience in the field where they want to become a KPO professional will be preferable. Candidates must additionally have good analytical skills, knowledge of computers, and excellent technical skills.

KPO Career courses, training, programs:

There are many courses and training programs that teach candidates relevant courses in research and development, technical understanding of courses in legal and finance fields like investment, taxes, etc. Candidates should be able to continuously develop their skills according to the changing technological developments and market dynamics.

KPO Career schools/colleges, education:

There are various colleges and universities that teach courses to make students skilled at KPO related jobs. These colleges and institutes are the best in the world as they boast of diversified faculty with rich industry experience, excellent infrastructure facilities, and evolving coursework.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Saint Joseph’s University

Walden University

Bryant & Stratton College

University of Phoenix

DeVry University

KPO job opportunities, salaries/pay, recruitment:

Candidates with the relevant education and experience would not find dearth of opportunities to pursue the career of a KPO professional. The job openings to work as KPO professional can be found in private, government, and independent sectors. Most of the KPO openings can be found in government sponsored programs. The annual compensation of a KPO professional can range between $15,000 to $80,000 depending on the level of education and experience. The median salary is approximately $45,000 per year.

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  1. hardik says:

    I want to work with KPO, i have done my with 48% marks, and pursued my MBA in Marketing due to lack of guidance…but none of KPO is hiring MBA’s…I have good knowledge of capital Market, Money Market, Shares, debemtures, bonds, derivatives.
    Please help me with this problem with a specific solution to get a job there..
    thanks with regards..

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