Landfill Engineer Career

Landfill Engineers are those professionals who are hired by state or city agencies to make a design for a landfill. Their job is to make a layout of the most effective landfill for a particular piece of land as allotted by the agencies. The complexity of the task arises from the fact that waste disposal shouldn’t pollute the surroundings in any possible way. These engineers are trained enough to know about the toxic nature of the waste materials and the way it is hazardous to people and environment.

How to Become a Landfill Engineer

There is no direct degree that will help one to get this job without any hassles. A person can pursue chemical engineering, civil engineering, or structural engineering. One can also pursue a course in biochemical sciences, Chemistry Hons or any other related field. These courses go really close to teaching one about the ill effects of the waste and proper way to dispose it.

Landfill Engineer Courses, Training, Programs

A Landfill Engineer is required to have sufficient knowledge about environment and nature and the way it can get harmed. The engineer should also be aware of the structural importance of different kinds of Landfills. A single course cannot teach about all these aspects therefore the applicant needs to take up diploma courses in relevant fields in order to stand a better chance to grab the job.

TOP 5 colleges/ Universities

City college of New York

Illinois Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Mississippi State University

California University

LANDFILL ENGINEER Job Opportunities, Salaries, recruitment

A landfill engineer can earn really well if he is hired by an agency which has got some big bucks to shed. The pay scale also depends upon the experience one has had in the field. The job opportunities are not many and growth scope is little. The earnings of a landfill engineer can be anywhere around $30000 per year to $50000 per year.

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