Landscape Architect Career

Career Descriptions:

A landscape architect is a person who specialises in designing outdoor places. He combines architecture with environment to give it a landscaping feel. Basically, what a landscape architect does is that he inspects the ecological conditions of a place to design it in a way that restores the environmental aspect of it along with giving it an urban outlook. His work includes designing, redesigning and planning of sketches which ultimately are given shape to the existing piece of outdoors.

How to become a landscape architect

To become a landscape architect, one needs to complete his engineering degree in architecture and then specialise in landscape architecture either through a diploma course or through a Masters degree in the same. One needs to have detailed knowledge of processes used to shape a land piece along with new and innovative techniques of architecture methods. A person should be able to pay attention to details and should have the capability of understanding what the client demands and has in mind.

Landscape architect courses, training and programs

A landscape architect must have completed high school education with a background in the science field. After schooling, the bachelor’s degree should have been attained in the civil or architecture field. This degree is completed in duration of four years in most institutes. To specialise in landscape, one needs to either do a certificate course or a masters in landscape architecture.

Top 5 colleges and universities for landscape architecture

Collins College

Florida Technical College

Atonally college

Southern Career College

Westwood College

Landscape architect job opportunities, salary and recruitment

This is a growing field which is seeing vast number of job opportunities for budding and fresh architecture graduates. One can earn up to $2500 per month if recruited in a top company. Plus the promotion scope is huge in this upcoming field. Hence one can make a lot of money along with enjoy many perks on being at a position of a landscape architect.

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