Law Clerk Career

Career Description:

A law clerk, also known as a judicial clerk, assists a judge by doing legal research and administrative work.  One prepares legal documents, opinions or court orders related to the concerns and issues handled by the judge.  Law clerks may be assigned in trial courts and be involved in the litigation process.  One provides assistance in court proceedings, manage exhibits submitted, and coordinate with court personnel, staff and litigants.  One is also tasked to review briefs, research and analyze various legal issues, and write other legal documents.  Before any oral arguments, the law clerk provides the judge and legal staff with facts and issues pertaining to the case.  It is a must that a law clerk be armed with both research and writing skills.  With such a big responsibility one has to have formal education and training.

How to become a Law Clerk

The law clerk is basically a lawyer.  One who aspires to pursue this career needs to earn a bachelor’s degree and gain admission in a law school.  While pursuing law, one can apply as a law clerk through internship or clerkship programs provided by the school.  One can also finish law school first and then apply for the position.  Gaining much experience gives one an edge in the job market.  A judge chooses a law clerk based on one’s academic credentials and experience.  There are many opportunities for advancement for a law clerk.

Law Clerk Courses, training, programs

One taking up a degree in law is given background and trained in various aspects of law.  Coursework involves history, theories, principles, legal areas, analytical methods, research, and writing.  Practical training is part of the program. This is done through workshops, internship or clerkships.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Yale University, Connecticut

Harvard University, Massachusetts

Stanford University, California

Columbia University, New York

University of Chicago, Chicago

Law Clerk Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A law clerk is financially rewarded based on experience, education, appointment type and benefits. One may have a chance to earn from $35,730 to $59,676 per year.  Employment opportunities ma be found in different private or public sectors.

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