Law Enforcement Career

Career Description:

One of the aspects of the criminal justice system is law enforcement.  Law enforcement involves giving protection, security and safety to the public. Some career options in law enforcement include being an FBI agent, US Marshal, forensic scientist, or a law enforcement officer.  The law enforcement officer or a police officer takes on a challenging part of reducing crime and law enforcement. One has the responsibility of maintaining the peace and order.  Violators of the law are questioned, detained, interrogated and arrested by a law enforcement officer.  At times a law enforcement officer takes the witness stand during court proceedings. One is tasked in taking action during accidents, searches and inspections.  He is to take notes, make reports and manage official documents. The career of a law enforcement officer requires training and dedication.

How to become a Law Enforcement Officer

To start off a career as a law enforcement officer, one has to have at least a high school diploma.  There are, however, employers who require college coursework and must be at least 21 years old.  To gain a better chance of employment one may earn an associate or bachelor’s degree in law enforcement or other related field.  One must also go into training through a police academy.  The training provides the necessary practical experience and a view of situations they will be encountering. In order to graduate as a law enforcement officer, one has to pass a series of tests or examinations.  A law enforcement officer must be physically, morally and mentally fit.

Law Enforcement Courses, training, programs

Law enforcement courses and training programs enables one to patrol, use firearms, properly and efficiently respond to emergency situations, defend oneself, and enforce rules.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Drury University, Missouri

Western Illinois University, Illinois

Tiffin University, Ohio

Ferris State University, Michigan

Syracuse University, New York

Law Enforcement Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A law enforcement officer may earn from $28,711 to $77,691 per year. Career advancement of a law enforcement officer depends on one’s education, training and experience.  One may find employment in various law enforcement offices or government agencies.

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