LEED Consultant Career

Career Description

Leed consultant career is a career which involves those people who are experts in giving consultation on making and constructing building and about home’s energy efficiency and making them environment friendly. Basically, Leed consultants deal with giving advice and suggestions which would help in conserving energy and consuming less of it. They are mainly concerned with the nature and how to do the best to save it against violation of any kind.

How to become Leed consultant

In order to become a Leed consultant, interested people need to basically be interested in environment sciences and have a strong hold on the methods of energy conservation. There are no specific demands as far as education qualifications are concerned, but people with Architectural degree stand a better chance in this field. The main thing is to have good interpersonal skills and strong personality.

Leed consultant career courses, training, programs

A person with no Bachelor’s degree but a certificate in a course related to Leed studies may also get through this profile .On the job, the first phase may involve training of the  structures and energy efficiency methods. A person can also take up relevant programs to get a better grip over the Leed consultancy qualities.

Leed consultant career schools/colleges, education

There are many colleges around the world who offer this subject. The main thing that these universities or colleges take care of is the latest environment protection methods and techniques. The following are a few names of such colleges:

Top 5 colleges/universities

  • Georgia Tech University
  • York School
  • Grinnell College
  • Eastern Connecticut State university
  • University of Illinois

Leed consultant career job opportunities, pay/salaries

The salary scale of a Leed consultant may vary from the type of profile he has. But a starting salary of $50000-$70000 is applicable for those with good qualifications and skills. The growth prospects are quite bright in this field.

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