Legal Secretary Career

Career Description:

The legal secretary takes on clerical and administrative duties. One provides support and assistance in the daily operations of a law firm.  The responsibilities of legal secretary include handling telephone calls, inquiries, emails, letters and faxes; organizing files and documents; securing and handling appointments and schedules; keeping and monitoring financial records; controlling petty cash; collecting and filing legal documents; and assisting lawyers in court.  The job of a legal secretary requires one to have good organizational, communication and interpersonal skills.

How to become a Legal Secretary

To qualify for the position of a legal secretary, one must at least have a high school diploma.  Having basic skills in reading, english and typing will allow one to practice as a legal secretary.  One may choose to pursue courses in technical schools or earn an associate degree in legal office administration or legal studies.  One becomes a better candidate for the job because of one’s scope of knowledge and skills.  Further studies and earning a bachelors degree in legal studies helps one gain specialized skills and knowledge of a specific area of law. Obtain certification as an Accredited Legal Secretary or a Professional Legal Secretary.  Getting these certifications require one to have relevant years of experience as a legal secretary.  Courses to prepare one for certification are offered by the National Association of Legal Secretaries.

Legal Secretary Courses, training, programs

Courses in legal studies provide one with the knowledge, skills and principles required for this type of career.  One will gain a background in legal analysis, writing, drafting, research and computer applications used in the legal system.  Aside from learning legal systems, one gains a background in office systems and various technologies.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Ithaca College, New York

Oberlin College, Ohio

University of California-Berkeley, California

Strayer University (online learning, multiple locations across America)

Kaplan University (online learning)

Legal Secretary Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A legal secretary earns from $23,682 to $66,325 per year.  Employment may be secured in either private law firms or public law offices.  The career of a legal secretary opens doors for advancement in advanced legal positions.

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