Limousine Driver Career

A limousine driver is a professional who operates luxury cars like limousine. They can work as a private driver to limousine car owners. Or they can hire a limousine and work as a limousine driver while commuting passengers between various locations. Passengers who would like to use the services of a limousine driver should directly book the limousine cab beforehand.

The limousine driver provides luxurious driving experience to passengers. Below are the requirements in order to become a limousine driver.

How to become a Limousine Driver:

Candidates who would like to become a limousine driver should at least complete their high school diploma or a graduation course. They are required to have a driving experience of many years. They need to get the license in the state they would like to work in. Various medical and physical tests are conducted before candidates can be offered the role of a limousine driver.

Limousine Driver career courses, training, programs:

Candidates need not possess any additional degrees or certifications in order to become a limousine driver. Candidates should possess a clean driving record free of any sort of criminal charges. They are also screened through drug tests and background verification tests before making them limousine drivers.

Limousine Driver career schools/colleges, education:

There are innumerable colleges and schools that are well known to provide good driving training. Below are some of best colleges and institutes that offer course in limousine driving.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Capella University

University of Phoenix

Colorado Technical University

The University of Montana

Iowa State University

Limousine Driver job opportunities, salaries/pay:

According to the estimates of Pay Scale and released in the form of the National Salary data, the average compensation of a limousine driver is about $30,000 approximately. There is a good growth expected in the compensations of limousine drivers. Candidates should preferably have a work experience of between 4-6 years of driving.

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