Logistic Assistant Career

A logistic assistant has to manage a gamut of responsibilities that may include coordination with logistic departments, management of logistic machines and instruments and keeping all the records for the logistic works. Inventory control database are managed and controlled by the logistic assistants along with managing and updating them. Orders are tracked and shelves are stocked by the logistic assistants. The role of logistic assistant also involves negotiations with sales people along with loading and unloading supervision of the trucks carrying the goods.

How To Become A Logistic Assistant

Logistic Assistants are the trained professionals in logistics. The candidate must have a high school degree along with a graduate degree preferably in logistic management. This career profile is experience driven but people with master’s degree may have a better chance to move up to the career ladder.

Logistic Assistant Career Courses, Training, Programs

To become an efficient logistic assistant one must have the understanding of logistic and demand-supply chain at the graduate level. Interested candidates may also opt for some training or certificate programs in logistics. Many college and universities offer some hand-on experience or practical classes that may train the candidates in logistics.

Logistic Assistant Career Schools/Colleges, Education

The departments of top universities teaching logistic management as a subject particularly help in making one an able logistic assistant. One can also get benefits from the training institutes or colleges that may offer educational support for people looking to build their career in logistics.

Top 4 Colleges/Universities

Michigan State University

US Army logistic management college

Ohio State University Columbus

University of Maryland

Logistic Assistant Job Opportunities, Salaries/Pay

The logistic assistants can expect an average initial salary of $20,000 to $30,000 per annum. Due to globalisation and brand spread all across the countries the demand for a logistic assistant has grown up to a great level. Logistic Assistant can expect an increment of 10% each year and with increase in experience one may expect an increase in annual salary as well.

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