Logistic Manager Career

Career Description

Logistic manager job profile has emerged as an attractive career in manufacturing industry. The main job of logistic manager is to oversee and manage the supply chain of company product. From the point of manufacturing to the point of delivery and consumption, he needs to overview purchasing, distribution network, freight process, inventory procedures and personnel performance as well. The logistic manager also has to maintain feedback regarding the product quality and customer satisfaction.

How to Become a Logistic Manager

Logistic manager job conditions are very challenging and include the administration of various departments at a time. Therefore, it would be beneficial to have a basic knowledge of administration and management aspects and procurement process of a company. For conceptual knowledge, one can go for diploma courses or advance study programmes in logistic or supply chain management. A 5-7 years experience in logistic and supply chain field will help you to reach to the top position.

Logistic Manager Career Courses, Training Programme

Many colleges and universities are offering postgraduate courses in logistic management. These courses can be pursued after a graduate degree in relevant streams such as economics, business administration etc.

Logistic Manager Career School/College/Education

In United States, a number of reputed institutes are providing graduate and PG degree courses in logistic management and material management field. Interested person can join anyone of them.

Top 5 Schools/Colleges/Universities

  1. Massachusetts Institute of technology
  2. Ohio State University
  3. Arizona State University
  4. Texas State University
  5. Michigan State University

Logistic manager Job Opportunity/Recruitment/Salary

The job opportunities for logistic manager are available in all kind of small and large companies. An average salary for this post is around $95,554. Some companies also offer other allowances and benefits to the employee, but that all depends on the size of company and the experience of candidate in this field.

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