Loss Control Director Career

Career Description

A loss control director’s main duty is to manage and contain those loses that has already taken place.  He is responsible to prepare crisis management policies for company’s any kind of losses and other damages. Loss control director will head and coordinate the crisis management team for mitigation plans to restore company’s image and portfolio in market. The candidate should be well aware of different state and federal laws of insurance claims, labor laws and safety laws.

How to become a Loss Control director

Those who are looking for this career need to acquire a UG degree in commercial law or in insurance law. A PG degree in business administration or any relevant course in crisis management would be a good advantage. This job requires strong communication skills and computer knowledge of spreadsheets and other application that are necessary for analysis.

Loss Control Director Career Courses, Training Programs

A four-year course in industrial law, engineering, science or in insurance claim management is an essential requirement.  Some certificate courses in worker’s compensation law and safety management will also be very helpful. The job requires an excellent research-analytical skills and in-depth knowledge of various laws of country that are related to safety management.

Loss Control Director School/College Education

The loss control career is useful in many fields from environment to regular financial firms. Therefore, many school/colleges in USA are providing short term and long term courses in campus and online as well. Besides the independent institutions, also conduct necessary certificate and training courses for loss control director for entry and mid term level.

Top 5 School/College/Universities

State University of Kansas

University of Connecticut

Columbia Southern University

Community College of Colorado

University of New Brunswick

Loss Control Director career Job Opportunities Salaries, Recruitment

Per annum salary for loss control director could vary from $26,000 to $85,000 for specialist, experienced ones and seniors in this field. However, the other compensation could be different according to the company profile, candidate’s experience and the job sector.

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