Machinist Career

Career Description

In the manufacturing industry there are power-operated equipments or machines that produce various products. These equipments or machines have specifications and operation processes that need to be carefully evaluated and monitored. It is the machinist who works on tasks like these. With much knowledge and skills in operating these machines, the machinist takes on the role of studying blueprints, plan the processes in production, operate on machines, address issues and problems encountered in production processes, and check any inaccuracies.   He is also tasked to check on and adjust the speed of the machine and check for material tolerance.  The machinist is assigned to oversee the work of machine operators and tenders.  He makes sure that they work efficiently and accurately based on the guidelines he had given.  Doing this type of career one should undergo rigorous training.

How to become a Machinist

The aspiring machinist must complete high school.  Undergo specialized training or earn an associate degree through vocational schools or community colleges.   An associate degree in machine technology will help one become a machinist.  Get into an apprenticeship program as well not only to gain more knowledge and skills but relevant experience as well.  Complete a certification program to get better employment opportunities. On-the-job training is provided by the employer to help one cope up with the latest advances by gaining new skills.

Machinist Courses, training, programs

A machine technology program gives one the necessary background and skills for a machinist career.  The program includes courses like blueprint reading, machining technology, metrology, CNC, and CNC turning and milling. It also provides one with algebra, trigonometry, writing, and research.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

NTMA Training Centers of Southern California, California

Focus Hope Machinist Training Institute, Michigan

Southeast Community College, Nebraska

Mesa State College, Colorado

Piedmont Technical College, South Carolina

Machinist Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A machinist may be employed in the manufacturing industry like steel or metal manufacturing, machinery and tools manufacturing, precision machined products and components and aerospace manufacturing.  The salary of a machinist may range from $24,677 to $57,321 per year depending on the location, employer, and experience.

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