Magician’s Career

Career description

A magician is a person who performs magic tricks to entertain people. A magician’s career may be one filled with exciting magic tricks and a lot of fame and recognition if the magician is recognised and famous. A magician can work for circuses; entertainment parks etc and earn huge sums of money. This job may not be a really popular one but is more of a unique field which is taken up by few people with the talent for magic.

How to become a magician

Magic is all about creating illusions and mind blogging tricks. This profession doesnt really deal with any specific academic qualifications but a person has to be thorough with all the tricks and techniques of magic. This may need a lot of practice and patience. The knowledge of various illusions can be acquired through books and works of magicians. One must also be a crowd puller to make himself different from other magicians. There must be enough drama and suspense to keep the audiences hooked.

Magician’s Career courses, training, programs

There are several courses which can lead a person to learn enough about magic to become a magician. The actual and real training happens when one starts practically using magic tricks. There are also several programs which can be undertaken so as to become a successful magician. A few drama courses may also help a magician to brighten up the stage.

Magician’s Career schools/colleges, education

There are a few but good levelled schools and colleges which provide training in magic. The following are a few examples of the same:

Top 5 colleges/universities:

  • The Magic School
  • Magic Dave ,Boston
  • Rukemian University
  • College of Marin
  • Cambridge university

Magician’s career job opportunities, pay/ salaries

The career of magic may not be an easy path to tread upon. This field is not too common and neither too much in demand. But an established magician can earn anything around $30000.

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