Maintenance Careers

Maintenance careers are those that deal with the upkeep of products. Such a person can be an electrical maintenance technician or a computer mechanic. The range is virtually infinite but the basic qualifications and skill set required for such a job is the same. A career in maintenance is profitable only if an individual, by his merit and determination, creates a name for himself and is looked upon as trustworthy and capable by customers. Some qualifications and skills necessary for a career in maintenance are as follows:

  • The individual must be academically trained or trained by work experience in the field to which he is associated. Some fields require an engineering degree while some can accept candidates with vocational training degrees, or polytechnic degrees. This varies from situation to situation.
  • The individual must be dedicated and passionate about his work. He must be flexible and capable of doing his job with skill and efficiency.
  • He must have good communication skills and he must be able to explain the nature of his job to anxious customers and thus allay their fears.

Thus a career in maintenance can be deeply satisfying and profitable if the person concerned discharges his duties with honesty and efficiency.

Maintenance Customer Service Coordinator Career

Maintenance Manager Career

Maintenance Helper Career

Maintenance Mechanic Career

Maintenance Planner Career

Maintenance Shift Supervisor Career

Maintenance Supervisor Career

Production Maintenance Manager Career

Maintenance Clerk Career

Maintenance Electrician Career

Maintenance Electrician Apprentice Career

HVAC Mechanic Career

Automotive Service Mechanic Career

Motorcycle Mechanic Career

Motorboat Mechanic Career

Aircraft Engine Mechanic Career

Shop Avionics Technician Career

Aircraft Airframe / Structural Mechanic Career

Robotics Technician Career

Hotel Chambermaid’s Career

Housemaids / Domestic Helper Career

Automated Teller Machine Technician’s Career

Wristwatch Repairer Career

Vendor Machine Repairer Career

Camera – Photographic Equipment Repairer Career

Elevator Installer / Repairer Layer Career

Appliance Repair Career

Computer Maintenance Career

Building Maintenance Career

Service Writer Career

House Painter Career

Garbage Man Career

Biomedical Equipment Technician Career

Auto Body Repair Career

Home Appliance Repair Career

Refrigeration Mechanic Career

Maintenance Technician Career

Building Cleaning Career

Hotel Maintenance Engineer Career

Maintenance Coordinator Career

Maintenance Director Career

Apartment Maintenance Career


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