Maintenance Worker Career

Career Description:

A maintenance worker has the responsibilities to oversee the equipments and hardware materials of a particular business company. He/she needs to check the performance of the different tools and related things – mechanical, electrical and the likes. Furthermore, a maintenance worker should always try to locate the faults of the equipments and suggest and apply for measures to rectify those. A maintenance worker also has the responsibility to manage the safety related matters of the business equipments and operations.

How to become a maintenance worker:

It is expected that the person interested in becoming a maintenance worker would be a high school pass with interest in physics and mathematics. The key to becoming a maintenance worker is to do lots of hand-on jobs in order to gain experience.

Most of the maintenance workers earn undergraduate degrees or certified diplomas in the relevant fields.

Maintenance worker career courses, training, programs:

There are several courses and certified training provided to the persons with an objective to become maintenance workers. The course modules mainly teach to apply knowledge based on the advanced concepts electrical and mechanical engineering.

The training method is mostly practical with lots of real life experience and problem solving case studies. Theoretical study has a much lesser say.

Maintenance worker career schools/colleges, education:

The training of the maintenance workers is mainly done in accredited institutes and/or vocational training centers. As mentioned earlier, many of the community colleges have programs tailor made for the people who think of opting a career that of a maintenance worker. A specialized education in electrical maintenance or mechanical maintenance is focused on in few training centers.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

Pomona College, California

Dartmouth College

University of Oregon

University of Nebraska

Maintenance worker job opportunities, salaries/pay:

The salary for a maintenance worker begins around $30,000/annum working in a decent establishment. The remuneration package depends on the area of the workplace where the maintenance projects need to be undertaken.

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