Management Consultant Career

Management Consultants are professionals who offer advice pertaining to various aspects of the operations of an organization. Management consultants are usually affiliated with consultant firms, or could even practice independently. Management Consultants can offer advice in various areas of an organization, such as marketing, finance and operations. Some Management Consultants are industry-specific.

Pursuing a Career as a Management Consultant


If you are able to work under pressure, are able to manage time effectively and can meet deadlines, then you can pursue a career as a Management Consultant. Management Consultants carefully analyze the resources and challenges of an organization and offer solutions and advice. As an aspiring Management Consultant, you should work with a Management Consultancy in order to gain some experience, without which it would be difficult for independent consultants to establish themselves.

Management Consultant Career: Qualification, Courses, Training

In order to become a Management Consultant, you need to hold at least a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or a related discipline. Students interested in a higher education can try this site to read about getting a Masters Degree in Management all online.. Many educational institutions also offer a platform for students to launch a career in Management Consulting. On the job training is important for emerging professionals. Qualification standards such as Certified Management Consultant certification from the IMC are required in many cases. The certification remains valid for 3 years.

Management Consultant Career: Schools, Colleges, Universities

Management Consultants could find the following schools and institutes the most suitable to their career goals.

  • The Institute of Management Consultants
  • MIT, Sloan School of Management, Cambridge, MA
  • Stanford University, Graduate School of Business, Stanford, CA
  • Pennsylvania State University, Smeal College of Business, University Park, PA
  • Harvard University, Harvard Business School, Boston, MA
  • Loyola University, School of Business Administration, Chicago, IL


Management Consultant Career: Job Opportunities, Salaries and Recruitment

Management Consultants would find a lot more employment growth than a number of other occupations in the economy. The employment growth for Management Consultants is projected to be 85.5% for the period 2008-2018 as per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. On average, Management Consultants earn wages of i$39.26 per hour.

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