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Career Description:

An organization opens up a position for a management trainee to prepare one for the tasks and responsibilities in management.  The duties of a management trainee differ from one organization to the other.  He is allowed to handle tasks within a specific department or various departments so as to be familiar with the organization’s operations.  Depending on the type of industry one may work on clerical duties, customer services, and purchasing, merchandising and new accounts.  He gets to be trained in different areas of the organization as he gets transferred from one task to another.  A management trainee undergoes evaluation based on his skills in leadership, problem solving, organization, analysis, decision-making and communication.  Having gone through management training, one gains a view of the whole organization.

How to become a Management Trainee

To become a management trainee, one must have at least a bachelor’s degree.  An individual must gain the necessary knowledge and skills specific to his field of interest or the industry he wants to work in.  One may consider business, engineering, public administration or any science degree.   Gain the necessary experience to be considered for this type of career.  In some cases, employers require a management trainee to have a master’s degree.  Grab the opportunity for an internship or volunteer work.  Having such experience, equips one with the skills employers look for in a management trainee.

Management Trainee Courses, training, programs

A business degree allows one to enter into a management trainee career.  A business degree program covers accounting, finance, taxation, economics, business law, business ethics, business writing, human resources, project management, business planning, information systems, communication, management and leadership.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Stanford University, California

Harvard University, Massachusetts

Massachusetts Institute of Technology-Sloan, Massachusetts

University of Pennsylvania-Wharton, Pennsylvania

Northwestern University-Kellogg, Illinois

Management Trainee Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

The average salary of a management trainee is $34,600 per year.  One has an opportunity to earn a maximum of $90,000 per year.  The salary depends on one’s location, employer, experience and benefits.  Employment opportunities may be found in various industries such as finance, manufacturing and distribution, and government agencies.



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