Management Training Career

Management trainers are those instructors who provide training to managers and business executives as to how they can optimize their business administration skills. Management Training encompasses different aspects of business administration including, leadership skills, human resource management and different motivational techniques to allow managers to uplift the morale of their staff. As Management Trainers are required to train personnel working at managerial level so they must be experienced business executives themselves.

Pursuing a Career in Management Training

Business executives having considerable experience in business administration and HR management should pursue Management Training Career if they believe that they have the charisma and tact to effectively inspire business executives into becoming more efficient leaders. Management Trainers having sound leadership qualities, good interpersonal and presentation skills and vast experience in business administration are able to effectively shoulder the responsibility of training managers and executives.

Management Training Career: Qualification, Courses, Training

The minimum requirement for becoming a Management Instructor ranges from holding a Master’s degree to a Doctorate in Business Administration, Management or a related discipline. For experienced and notable executives, the educational qualification requirements may be waived or relaxed, depending on the position, course and nature of training. Management Instructors may be required to hold professional training licensure or executive and leadership coaching certifications, and these additional qualification standards will raining skills and find better employment opportunities.

Management Training Career: Schools, Colleges, Universities

Professionals pursuing careers in Management Training could find the following Management schools and vocational training institutes useful to their cause.

  • MIT, Sloan School of Management, Cambridge, MA
  • Stanford University, Graduate School of Business, Stanford, CA
  • Pennsylvania State University, Smeal College of Business, University Park, PA
  • Institute of Executive Coaching
  • College of Executive Coaching
  • Career Coach Academy

Management Training Career: Job Opportunities, Salaries and Recruitment

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Management Instructors are expected to find healthy employment outlook. This is supported by the fact that the employment opportunities for these professionals are expected to increase by 23% for the period 2008-2018. Management Instructors are expected to receive an annual sum of $51,450 on average.

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