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Career Description:

Reaching an organization’s goal depends on the management.  The manager takes on the responsibility of overseeing the organization’s operations.  An individual may be in the upper management or middle management but leading a team is essentially his primary obligation.  A manager’s responsibility covers planning, developing and implementing policies.

He is also tasked to oversee the day-to-day activities of the organization.  The power of delegating tasks and duties fall under his duties as well.  As a leader, the manager has to have the ability to motivate the staff.  Having this ability will help one ensure an efficient and effective daily operations.  It is a must that a manager is armed with strong leadership and communication skills.

How to become a Manager

To become a manager, one must gain the necessary knowledge, skills and experience required by a specific specialization.  Earn a degree or advanced courses specific for the career path one wants to take. Should a certification be required in a specific position, obtain one through a certifying body. Become a member of a professional association. Joining an association will help one network with different types of people, gain ideas, grow professionally and become updated with the changes within the industry.  Continue to learn through trainings, seminars and continuing education courses.  Be ready to mentor another person towards becoming a manager too.

Manager Courses, training, programs

An aspiring manager more often than not takes a master’s degree or an MBA.  Universities offer various courses and may differ from one university to the other.  The student will have an opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in management, managerial accounting, statistics, qualitative methods, business law, marketing, communication, information technology, financial management, human resource management, operations management and other management areas.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Stanford University, California

Harvard University, Massachusetts

Massachusetts Institute of Technology-Sloan, Massachusetts

University of Pennsylvania-Wharton, Pennsylvania

Northwestern University-Kellogg, Illinois

Manager Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

Depending on the industry, location and experience, a manager has the opportunity to earn from $31,565 to $118,044 per year.  One may find employment in various industries, whether it is a private organization or a public organization.

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