Manicurists and Pedicurists Career

A manicurists and pedicurists career is a specialized career option. The primary job responsibility of manicurists and pedicurists is to clean and shape the fingernails as well as toenails of salon clients. Manicurists and pedicurists in some salons will require polishing as well as decorating finger or toeing nails. As manicurists and pedicurists, one will need to work with brush powder, nail polish, rotary abrasive wheel, swabs, orange sticks, emery boards, files, scissors, liquid removers and other equipments. Apart from polishing and cleaning nails, one might have to handle several other aspects like smoothening ends of finger or toe nails, roughening the surfaces of fingernails, improving resilience and strength, and advising clients on using nail products and on nail care.

How to become manicurists and pedicurists:

Those who are interested in becoming manicurists and pedicurists need to complete their basic education, which can include a bachelor’s degree, an associate’s degree, or specialized cosmetology training from a vocational school. One needs to also acquire a minimum work experience, the requirement of which varies from one salon to another. Some of the other skills that one needs to acquire to pursue a career as manicurists and pedicurists include knowledge of working with various instruments, knowledge of chemistry and skin science, knowledge of cosmetics, and communication skills including active listening skills.

Manicurists and Pedicurists career courses, training, programs:

The most opted for course is cosmetology program, which will prepare one to handle manicure and pedicure requirements of their clients. Most cosmetology programs impart practical and theoretical knowledge in trimming, cutting, style scalping, body hair management, facial, application of cosmetic preparations, and performing manicures and pedicures.

Manicurists and Pedicurists career schools/colleges, education:

There are several top colleges and universities in the USA that offer cosmetology program. It is important to opt for a program accredited by National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences (NACCAS).

Top 4 colleges/universities:

Midfield Institute of Cosmetology, Alabama

Marinello School of Beauty, California

James Albert School of Cosmetology, California

Than Le College, School of Cosmetology, California

Manicurists and Pedicurists Designer job opportunities, salaries/pay:

According to the market analysis of top consultants, the salary of manicurists and pedicurists varies from $17,990 in Georgia to $29,390 per annum in District of Columbia. The average hourly wage for manicurists and pedicurists in the US varies from $9.59 in Kentucky to $13.74 in Hawaii.

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