Manufacturing Engineer Career

A manufacturing engineer is the creative pillar of our modern society. Manufacturing engineers deal with creating and developing various items, technologies and processes. We bank on the genius and vision of manufacturing engineers in our society to do all basic things simply. In a nut shell, manufacturing engineers are involved in all our daily activities.

How to Become a Manufacturing Engineer

To become a manufacturing engineer, a student must be good in mathematics and sciences (especially physics and chemistry) or show desire and ability to learn. Once you are equipped with your high school diploma, the next stage is finding out more information whether this really is the right career path for you. Dig for information on manufacturing engineering career from websites career centers, university and college brochures. Once you are convinced you have all it takes in terms of academic performance and other attributes, make your application to universities, colleges, vocational schools, community colleges and other tertiary educational institutions.

Types, Description and Information

Manufacturing engineering is a broad engineering career field that an applicant must narrow down and specialize for greater productivity. Students should narrow down their career paths by participating in manufacturing engineering cooperative education (Co-ops) internships and programs. Since manufacturing engineering involves applying technology, mathematics and science to real world problems, hands-on experience is critical for learners. Some of the career alternatives for aspiring manufacturing engineers include industrial engineering, business consultancy, operations research analysts, engineering technicians, engineering managers and information systems managers.

Qualifications: Courses, Training, Certification

Schools, Colleges and Education

To be successful in the manufacturing engineering career, a solid foundation is laid in quality education. The skills required, especially those derived from scientific and mathematical knowledge are best developed by taking a degree program in manufacturing engineering. Study options for manufacturing engineering career learners are online degree studies, certificate, associate programs, bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Some of the top colleges and universities that offer quality courses in manufacturing engineering include:

1. Cooper Union’s Albert Nerkin School of Engineering — CA

2. The Cal Poly School of Engineering — NY

3. The Rose Hulman Institute of Technology — AR

4. The MIT Engineering Department — LA

5. The United States Military Academy (USMA) – DC

There are certifications and licenses available for manufacturing engineers, these include:

  • Professional Engineer (PE) Licensure and Certification
  • Manufacturing Technologist Certification (CMfgT)
  • Certified Manufacturing Engineer (CMfgE).
  • Certified Engineering Manager (CEM)

Job Opportunities, Salaries and Recruitment

Manufacturing engineering is not just a stimulating and important profession, it is also lucrative. According to the Wall Street Journal, entry level manufacturing engineers earn between $45,000 and $50,000 per year. After about 10 years, the salary for a manufacturing engineer averages $75,000 per year. A professional advancing education and nurturing addition skills will earn even more than his peers.

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