Marine Engineer Career

Career Description

A Marine engineer is one who designs, build and maintain boats, ships and any other marine structures. Marine engineering is the field of study of all the major and minor equipments used at sea, boats, underwater crafts or other marine vessels such as propulsion machines, power mechanism, fuel system and other mechanical infrastructure.

How to Become a Marine Engineer

To become a Marine engineer, one should minimum have the bachelor’s degree in any of the engineering subject such as Marine engineering, naval architecture or marine technology. A person aspiring to become a Marine Engineer must have an analytical and sharp mind with logical thinking, must  have deep interest in his area with a strong mechanical and technical aptitude and strong communication and interpersonal skills.

Marine Engineering Courses, Training, Programs

The topmost universities of U.S offer numerous programs in the field of Marine Engineering out of which few are: Associate’s Degree in Marine Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering, Graduate Degree in Marine Engineering, Engineering Officer Program, Marine Engineering System (MES).

A lot of companies producing shipping equipments and manufacturing units are hiring the marine engineering students for work. This works as a training opportunity for the students with handsome pay packages.

Marine Engineering Schools/Colleges, Education

The U.S. colleges and universities are among the world’s best institutes known for imparting the rich class education to their students. These train their students in every fragment of the subjects and also give them realm life exposure of the field.

Top 5 Colleges/ Universities

University of Wisconsin – Madison

University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

United States Naval Academy

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

United States Merchant Marine Academy

Marine Engineer Career Job Opportunities, Salary/Pay, Recruitment

A wide range of job opportunities are waiting for the marine engineer professionals. With the widening of the marine transportation, employment opportunities for marine engineers has increased manifold. The average salary of a marine engineer is expected to be $ 88,000 per year depending upon the individual’s ability and experience.

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