Market Researcher Career

Career description:

A Market researcher analyses companies, customers or products. They try to examine their behavioural data, their current and future needs and demands, their attitudes towards products and prices, etc. Market Research can be done by analysing questionnaires, by conducting discussion among focus groups, or by analysing secondary research data. They determine if the firm can cater to that specific market or create a better product and increase its market share.

How to become a Market Researcher:

If you have completed your Bachelor’s Degree successfully in Business or Statistics you can get entry into any Market Research company. Knowledge in different aspects of Marketing is important to be able to become an effective Market Researcher. Look out for internship opportunities or part-time jobs. Such relevant work experience can be valuable in your resume.

Market Researcher Career Courses, Training, Programs:

Many colleges and universities across US provide the best education in Business and Marketing Management. Additional training programs that can be useful are statistical techniques, business communication, computers, mathematics etc. The Marketing Research Association provides certification course for market researchers. Students can also look for online course and supplement it with internship and live projects.

Market Researcher Career Schools/colleges, education:

Most of the Business colleges offer courses in Market Research. They teach you tools like SPSS that helps immensely in analysing market data. You need to learn good oral and written communication, and reasoning abilities.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

  1. Ashford University
  2. Colorado Technical University Online
  3. Kaplan University
  4. Strayer University
  5. University of Phoenix

Market Researcher Career Job opportunities, salaries, recruitment:

Market Research is a never declining field. As market changes, there is an ongoing need of good market researchers. PayScale studies show that the annual compensation for market researchers is in the range $32,000 to $67,000 with an average of $46,000.

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