Marketing Assistant Career

Career description:

A Marketing assistant closely works with the Marketing Manager and helps execute marketing plans for the organization. A marketing assistant also fine-tunes the advertising and distribution plans, sells merchandise, and executes communication plans of the firm. They may also have to analyse market data and bring out their findings. Other responsibilities of a Marketing assistant includes getting in touch with vendors and customers, keeping track of market changes, preparing periodic sales reports, etc.

How to become a Marketing Assistant:

Most of the firms who look for Marketing Assistant need a minimum qualification of Bachelor’s degree in Business with specialization in Marketing. You also need to possess some relevant experience in terms of internship and live projects. Develop good communication and persuasive skills, ability to work under tight deadlines, and ability to deliver an impactful job.

Marketing Assistant Career Courses, Training, Programs:

A course in Business during graduation and Master of Business Administration (MBA) in post-graduation with Marketing as the major subject will help you hone your skills as a Marketing Manager. Hands on experience could be an added advantage.

Marketing Assistant Career Schools/colleges, education:

Most of the top universities providing world-class education in Business are located in the US. Most of them follow case study based approach with emphasis on live projects, assignments, and competitions that can make you efficient Marketing Assistants.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

  1. Strayer University
  2. Western International University
  3. Westwood College
  4. Indiana Business College
  5. Schiller International University

Marketing Assistant Career Job opportunities, salaries, recruitment:

The employment outlook of Marketing assistant looks extremely bright if they can convert good chances into opportunities to showcase their talent. Good communication and educational background helps you in finding the right prospects to breakthrough in the field of marketing. PayScale states that the compensation for Marketing Assistants could be in the range from $22,000 to $46,000 with the average being $32,000.

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