Marketing Data Analyst Career

Career Description

A marketing data analyst is one who undertakes research of the marketing data in a company. The candidate has many responsibilities such as analyze the marketing data, provide research based suggestions for product development, provide data sourcing analysis, present marketing research data analysis report and lastly liaison with clients for better marketing data analysis. A marketing data analyst needs to be very organized with a positive attitude towards work to be successful on the job.

How to Become a Marketing Data Analyst

A good understanding and grasp of mathematics and statistics is necessary for a marketing data analyst job profile.  A graduate degree from a reputed university or college in the field of statistics is necessary to begin a career in this field.

For those who want to have better career advancement and prospects can undertake a master degree in statistics or a doctoral program in applied statistics from a reputed university.

Marketing Data Analyst Career Courses, Training, Programs

The training for a marketing data analyst is quite exhaustive as there is constant learning required due to the nature of job.  There are many courses in USA that a candidate can take up to pursue a marketing data analyst career. These courses help a candidate in getting well trained for proper designing and planning techniques that need to be used in data analysis besides providing a good overview of the market research industry.

Marketing Data Analyst Career Schools/Colleges, Education

There are many schools and colleges in the US that teach marketing data analysis which includes learning of various research methods and the necessary expertise to handle the job well.

Top 5 Colleges/Universities

Bentley University

Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh

Columbia University

DePaul University

Drexel University

Marketing Data Analyst Career Job Opportunities, Salaries/Pay

The average salary of a marketing data analyst is $71,000 per annum.

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