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The marketing product manager is hired in firms which holds multiple marketing projects staffed with marketing professionals in order to carry out their selling and communication activities with their customers. The marketing product manager should know how to handle their clients and deliver marketing projects on time by utilizing the strengths and hard work of a highly committed and dedicated marketing department.

The following lists the educational requirements, training courses, colleges and universities, and salaries paid to marketing product managers.

How to become a Marketing Project Manager:

In order to become a marketing product manager, candidates should take up courses in masters of business administration, diploma in business management, bachelor in business managementĀ  – marketing management and project management, sales and marketing business administration, doctor of business administration, etc. Candidates should know excellent project management skills and people handling skills.

Marketing Project Manager career courses, training, programs:

There are many additional courses and training programs that teach courses in marketing product management. Certificate courses in electronic commerce management, graduate marketing certificate, etc. that can be useful to students and develop their aptitude and skills in marketing product management.

Marketing Project Manager career schools/colleges, education:

Multiple schools, colleges and universities teach courses in marketing management and project management that students can avail of. Some of the best known educational universities are named below.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

The University of Phoenix

The University of Liverpool

Walden University

American Inter Continental University

DeVry University

Marketing Project Manager job opportunities, salaries/pay:

There are innumerable opportunities for working as a marketing project manager in sectors such as marketing, advertising, media management, advertising agency, market research, information technology services, consumer marketing solutions and services, etc. At least a marketing experience of 4-5 years is preferable. The Pay Scale has conducted extensive salary research and came up with the National Salary data estimates that suggest that the total compensation of a marketing project manager is about $32,000 to $86,000 per year.



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